Massachusetts Roads - MA 7A/183

MA 7A and MA 7A/183

Bolts are really the cheapest parts of sign assemblies. Really.

Facing east at the split between MA 7A SB (right) and MA 183 NB (left). 183 actually ends facing southeast; it ought to head north with 7A instead of following Walker St., but this allows it to form a convenient route for US 20 travelers into town.

The top and bottom of the south face, which actually doesn't face any traffic. The destinations pointing to the right match those for MA 7A seen in the first group of eastward photos, so arguably are not meant for right turns onto MA 183 EB. (Arguably, because 183 folds back to US 7/20, and thus could be used to reverse direction toward Stockbridge, but then it ought to list Lee and the rest.)

Looking west where Kemble and Walker Streets come together. This face (broken into top, center, and bottom) applies to both routes. Not too sure how that sundial thing works.

Finally, the north face of the monument, from top to bottom.

On the south and north sides of MA 7A/183, heading east from their western junction.

The less interesting monument at the western 7A/183 intersection, looking south at the "Paterson" face. The other half, with an explanation, is on the MA 183 page linked below.

Another old Lenox building, more not bothering to look up its history.

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