MA and NY Roads - MA 71

Photos progress westward because that's the direction John Krakoff and I were headed.

One of the newer signs on this route, even though the font and Mass. DPW stamp label this as 1960's-1970's. I bet those children are grown up by now.

Another newer sign, even though it's cracked and still has the through arrow. Some of these signs appear to be quite new, and I wonder if certain non-state agencies continued to make them to old state standards into the 1980's or even later. Still, this is on a state highway so it should be a state-commissioned sign.

The first glass-bead signs John and I came to were in the eastbound direction. It was nearing twilight, and I had a new camera I was trying out for the first time. Now, these photos have not been edited in any way, but they look like they were taken perhaps on a cloudy day. To see how it actually looked out, click for flash-photo versions that show how clean the reflectors have been kept (those that haven't fallen out) after more than 60-70 years.

Now the westbound direction finally gets one. Again, click to turn day into night.

This time, I present day and night next to each other, one more eastbound sign located across a small bridge from the WB one above. After you're done ogling, just for kicks click for a closeup of the "nighttime" (i.e. flash) photo.

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