Massachusetts Roads - MA 6A

All photos are taken SB or WB, depending on how MassHighway feels like signing it.

I'll never know which direction this was taken in, or even which town, as it was taken by Michael Summa in 1982.

And in this case, MassHighway signs it both ways. Not only that, but the road to the right, which was obviously just northbound, was eastbound all the way across the Cape. The one thing it can't be is westbound, especially since it's a right turn from north. It does lead to US 6 WB, but 6 is heading east by northeast at that point. I think someone got out their compass and found out Province Lands Rd. heads west - but then Bradford Street should be signed north, not south. Let's just agree it's wrong and move on.

The Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown.

Why is the speed limit sign fluorescent yellow? Why is MA 6A signed both south and west at the same time? I can't even tell which sign is older.

Continuing south on the easternmost section of MA 6A. (Doesn't that sound awkward?) Why would the Mass. D.P.W. stamps be yellowed out? These are still state signs, and that takes more effort than just leaving them alone.

MA 137 SB from the longer, properly directionally signed MA 6A. That's a speed limit sign, and if you can't read it, the police officer down the road will be happy to assume you can.

Mid-Cape Highway is US 6, in case you didn't know. It would be foolish to stay on MA 6A the whole way, but I'm a fool who likes his old distance stones.

The study for Our Lady of Hope Church at Parker Rd. in West Barnstable.

New signs at the end of MA 132. Obviously there should only be one sign per direction, and less obviously the MA shields should not have borders when mounted on paddle signs. Obviously the MA 6A shield for the WB sign is too wide. Less obviously, the sign borders are too thick (compare to the MA 134 signs above).

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