Massachusetts Roads - MA 68


NB and SB at Elm and Brigham Sts. in Hubbardston. It's more likely the first photo is a reproduction than an original, but one never knows.

Hubbardston reminds you to stay thirsty, my friend.

NB through Gardner (statue) to Royalston and the former King St. bridge, which has been closed ever since eliminating the grade crossing just on the other side of the river. The rest of King St. is a dead end beyond that.

NB and SB with the opposite directions of US 202 at School and Elm Streets in Baldwinville. Yeah, I know, not much of a US highway.

Continuing north past Athol Rd. to the center of Royalston and the old town hall, then the only-slightly newer sign facing the exit (EB) from the town hall and church.

More old Royalston buildings and a reappearance of the old font at Warwick St.

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