Massachusetts Roads - MA 67/19

MA 67 and MA 19/67

MA 19 SB splits from MA 67 SB at the Civil War statue in Warren, featuring the battles of Gettysburg and Atlanta.

MA 19/67 southbound across the Quaboag River in Warren. I think the second "a" is silent.

Looking north and south along the river.

The yellow ribbon is a tourniquet on the open wound from where the rest of the lantern fell (or was knocked) off. Ouch.

MA 9 WB, MA 67 SB, and not yet MA 19 (which does begin at the intersection while multiplexed, something I consider a no-no). The LGS's don't look that old, but the 9 itself does.

NB, SB, and NB on the MA 148 duplex in North Brookfield.

SB at Barre Cutoff Rd., which only cuts something off if you're coming from New Braintree. Clearly this is a much older sign that was refinished, because the cut corners were ditched in the 1960's.

On the other end of the cutoff, this is Hardwick Rd. leaving New Braintree. Imagine, both roads are named after their destinations.

Someone realized that plurals don't warrant apostrophes, but not before the damage to these wooden signs was done. They point eastward on Old Common Rd. in New Braintree.

Looking southwest from the center of town (standing in the middle of an offset four-way intersection) and then northwest at the old Bowman store. I know because of the plaque on the rock by the bush in front of the house. Enjoy the prepositions.

The plaque.

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