Massachusetts Roads - MA 62

I've seen plenty of MA-style shields in CT, so now MassHighway is returning the favor?

Three old signs, two rusty signs, and one eastbound sign (the middle one). They're also arranged in age order from oldest to newest, and geographic order from west to east. Nifty, huh?

Clinton failed to make a sign that could stand up to time. This sign, facing WB traffic, is for Greeley St. to Clinton Hosp. Just to the east, MA 62 has a short wrong-way multiplex with MA 110, and I stuck a cool overpass photo on that page for you.

Old-style school sign in Berlin.

As far as I can tell, these are Berlin-erected signs, WB at Pleasant St. (right) and from Pleasant St. NB (left).

WB and EB with MA 117.

I don't know the age order of these signs, but it seems to be newest to oldest. The first two are westbound, the third and best one isn't. Arrow signs should be on their way out, oh, 30 years ago.

Another old one EB leaving Maynard.

Squishy shields, WB.

This WB (guess which way I drove 62?) shield sits atop a stone that amazingly has an exact duplicate on it! O magical copying rock, thy power astoundeth me!

Old Concord tercentennial signs.

I can't read these stones west of Bedford, if there is indeed anything to read, but I can make them look historic.

Three wide shields, two of them are MA 62, and in the other the "3A" fills the tiny box. All westbound, like you didn't know.

There are a couple of NH/CT-style junction signs in Massachusetts, and they all seem to be on MA 62.

No, no, no, no, no!

In order from west to east, I sneak in another eastbound sign (the middle one). The second and third photos are on opposite ends of the wrong-way 114/62 duplex.

Finishing the way we started, westbound, but way over in the eastern part of the state now. Visit the US 1 page, linked below, for some neato cut-corner signs at MA 62. The daytime photo (well, mine was daytime, just maybe a little earlier than the sun celebrates it) is courtesy Doug Kerr.

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