Massachusetts Roads - MA 43

MA 43

SB and NB at US 7. Not MA 7, which doesn't exist.

The NB error is compounded by the fact that due to a bridge closure, these US 43 signs have been erected. That route does exist, but hundreds of miles to the west. It's sad that the MA route gets a US shield, a large one at that to stick the error in your face, and the US route gets a MA shield.

I think this is Potter Mountain Rd. EB at MA 43. It's just before a stop sign, which 43 doesn't have in Hancock.

You thought THICKLY SETTLED was old? These are old. These are glass reflectors in embossed steel. These are tiny signs to 1930's specs that don't do a thing for traffic anymore. You can see the STOP sign once said "through traffic", a message that has now become implicit in the meaning of the sign.

And there's an old sign at the border as well. So old that rather than patch over each new governor's name, they just ripped it out entirely.

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