Massachusetts Roads - MA 41, 41/102

and 41/102

The Berkshire School, nestled in the namesake mountains at the end of the eponymous road.

Yet another NJ 23 shield in MA, courtesy Adam Prince, but this time it was on an intersecting street. Apparently, MA can be clueless enough to put the wrong shield type next to the right one, but they at least have since replaced it. This is MA 41 NB, which joins MA 23 for awhile (and picks up US 7 along the way). Visit the 23 page via the big link at bottom to see multiplex photos.

Skipping the exciting multiplex and heading SB at the other end. As is typical in MA, the big LGS is fine while the little one has lots of problems, including vertical positioning, horizontal spacing, letter sizing, numeral sizing relative to the shields, and the shape of the US shield itself.

This marks the EB end of East Alford Rd. at MA 41.

Faded northbound multiplex shields still stand in 2008. This photo was taken while the West Stockbridge bridge to the left was under reconstruction in December 2006.

Instead of going left at the sign above, I saw that the road heading straight had this old-state-font speed limit sign on it. This is Swamp Rd. NB, and it very well could have been state-maintained, because it leads via Cone Hill Rd. back into MA 41.

And boy, was I glad I decided to go straight, because just as I continued onto Swamp Rd. I saw this sign for Lenox Road. It's hand-painted and similar to the LWS on MA 105 (just click, it's a short page, you'll find it), which dates it to the 1930's. It also lends a lot of credence to Swamp Rd. being a state highway, because these would only be found on state highways (or so I presume, from all two I've seen). Click on this photo for a breathtaking closeup.

The even dirtier/scratchier southbound side of the sign, taken into the sun.

Old southbound signs approaching a substandard railroad trestle; the second sign is undoubtedly older than the first and still uses the old New England font, but is probably heeded a lot less.

On the short stub known as MA 295, not TO MA 295. The reason it's so short is that it's only a state highway so that NY 295 traffic isn't stranded in the mountains. What really should be here is [MA 295] TO {NY 295}.

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