Massachusetts Roads - MA 3A - Northern

Northern MA 3

All photos are northbound.

Between Bedford St. (also part of Truck 62) and Winn St. in Burlington, approaching the brief MA 62 duplex.

On up to a short concurrency with MA 129 WB in North Billerica.

Keeping MA 129 across the Concord River.

Old railroad and cobblestones? Must be Lowell, the epicenter of the Industrial Revolution in the United States.

The Lowell Mills were still going strong in 1882 when the Butler School was built, but clearly the city has fallen on hard times.

NB past Gorham St. to Hale St. and the Lowell Connector, former I-495 Business and connecting directly to the two routes indicated in an awkward 5-leg modified cloverleaf. The signs, too, are awkward.

Quintessential Lowell, a former mill that's now the American Textile History Museum. Behind rises the spire of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.

MA 3A exits itself at MA 110 and Middlesex St., crosses over the now-numberless leg of Thorndike St., and turns left, with NB facing south, to join MA 110 briefly for a ride to Westford St. I can come up with many more sensible NB routings, although SB is rather simpler with just a right turn at the interchange.

Same intersection as on the main MA 3 page, same US 3 shield error.

Past the WWI memorial in Chelmsford to Tyngsboro.

Approaching the gorgeous Tyngsboro (or borough, it's so old) Bridge, but I won't get to cross it. That strip of steel in front of the green arch is a temporary bridge while they rehabilitate the old one. It's of similar design to the BU Bridge, which was also undergoing rehabilitation when I last saw it. Coincidence? Judging from the fact that the rehab began with the original 1930s paint on the bridge, I'd say I caught it in an advanced state of repair, and it should reopen in 2012.

Very cool 1894 border stone at New Hampshire. There's a typical NH border sign right next to it, but I dropped it on the NH page, so click on through below.

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