Massachusetts Roads - MA 38

The Wisconsin treatment (same layout as a WI county shield) is unnecessary, but I do like the state initial touch to lend a difference to the boring square. Above is the only example I know of in the state. All but two photos on this page are NB, and one of the exceptions is the next one.

MA 38 SB where it ends, according to the MILE 0.0 sign to the lower left, so it should not be signed straight ahead to cross over MA 28. However, the official definition of MA 38 may actually continue to MA 99 despite the signage, so all I know for certain is that something is wrong here. Also, I-93 should not be signed with quite so wide a shield.

Detour shields are the same as regular shields.

I don't condone mauling the standard shield shape, but I do condone button copy and Arrows Of Unusual Size (AOUSes). I don't condone non-functioning signals, old as they may be, but I do condone the oldness.

Embossed and visible from a rotary, so it gets to be on both pages.

A nice old shield, nothing too exciting, SB just south of Winchester Center. Just make sure you stop for it. Things got interesting when I turned around, though...

On the back of that sign, in addition to a trailblazer for MA 38, is this ancient white MA 128 sign. While the font is Mass. D. P. W. standard, white guide signs of that era would have had cut corners. Since it's not a standard LGS, it may have been town- or even county- erected, or else was just not cut to state specs. This part of MA 128 is now co-signed with I-95. Click for a closeup of all the old signs.

This old sign is at the same intersection, right in the middle of the rotary with Bacon St., Grove St., and Everell Rd.

Churches of Woburn; the first is the 1st Congregational.

Can't read the I-95 shield, and then you have the "MA 38" shield just after. Whose fault is this?

From Wilmington into Tewksbury.

Up to Bridge St. in Lowell. MA 38 turns right, VFW Highway continues straight to MA 113, and the only thing to the left is this awesome bridge.

The bridge was still there when this car was new.

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