Massachusetts Roads - MA 32/122

Hey, as long as NJ collects royalties for MA stealing its innovative circle design, it's all fair. Circle sign is courtesy Doug Kerr.

Ware-Hardwick Covered Bridge, Bridge St. EB in Gilbertville toward MA 32.

A look back west at the other bridge portal.

MA 32 shares the ride with MA 9. "I've been waiting here 30 years. Mr. Wilson just HAS to come back! I need my fix! Real BAD."

NB at Vernon Ave. in South Barre, showing off the old cut-corner font that was used until the 1970's.

Inside this industrial area off the SB side of 32 in South Barre is an unusual arch bridge over the Ware River with both bottom and top decks. The top deck carries pipes and the bottom deck carries trucks, and I would daresay it has done so for a long time.

Three examples of Athol History Trail signs. See the MA 2A page for another, because that's the route multiplexed with MA 32 (SB) here.

MA 32/122 NB at Old Dana Rd. in Barre and past there over the East Branch of Swift Creek.

The multiplex breaks up. MA 32A starts here (not "to") and continues a bit on MA 122 NB, although it's rather useless from this direction of 32 as it heads back south.

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