Massachusetts Roads - MA 2A - W. of Concord/MA 119

MA 2A west of Concord and MA 2A/119

The first MA 2A runs through Greenfield, which MA 2 bypasses via I-91.

Old EB signs, starting at US 5/MA 10 in downtown and looking along Crescent St. to the east in the second photo.

Skipping MA 2, this is EB on the second MA 2A into Orange. Older arrows await.

WB entering Orange and EB leaving it, probably at the same curve though taken months apart.

The jewel of the MA 2A photos, this dates to the 1920's and there are almost none left. A few similar ones dot New Hampshire, but that doesn't make this any less special. Notice that this is one of the earliest sign errors ever manufactured, and perhaps the oldest still around today - what's a Cresent?

Athol has renamed the Mohawk Trail to the History Trail in order to put up a bunch of narrow but embossed signs. I didn't get to read them as I went by, so share in the history with me. Three of the four are also on MA 32.

Dancing around MA 2 Exits 18 and 19, all EB. US 202, not MA 202, multiplexes with MA 2 until Exit 19, which means that the last photo is also technically on US 202 NB.

When the MA 2 freeway was built, the routing of MA 140 changed significantly. Instead of meeting what's now 2A at Main St., coming through Westminster, and leaving in a Y on the east side of town, 140 now jumps on 2, bypassing Westminster, then hops off Exit 25 and bounces off 2A to continue south. As a result of the reconfiguration, MA 2A EB now turns left where it meets 140 to stay on course, and straight ahead is this sign along the entrance to MA 2 EB.

WB at MA 12 in Fitchburg, still part of the same 2A as in Athol, and then continuing west with MA 12 NB toward MA 31 (but not yet at it).

EB into Acton with MA 119, which ends multiplexed with MA 2A. The pond is Nagog.

Not a wavy shield, just a wavy windshield. It should be square instead of rectangular, and there should still be a MA 119 shield here, because that road doesn't end until the MA 2 rotary. Of course, it's not like there's anywhere to follow MA 119 even if it were signed here - so why doesn't it just begin where it first meets 2A? The next section of 2A is the last (Concord to Boston), and starts via the link below.

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