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MA 25

I-195, I-495, and MA 25 come to a tri-point in southeastern Mass, because MA 25 once continued up I-495 until it was decided to have the Interstates end at each other. For some reason, MA 25's Exit 1 is not I-495's Exit 1, which means that while this is I-495's Exit 1, it's actually on MA 25 WB. And good luck to your average motorist taking one of the highways to the Exit 1 on the other highway.

The next sign you see heading NB on 25 is the last one. Well, this is probably already on I-495.

The EB Exit 1 offramp, which was once the end of MA 25 before the freeway was extended to the Bourne Bridge. Some nice old-font LGS's are mixed in with the newer ones; see the MA 28 page (linked below) for more.

MA 25 EB, courtesy Doug Kerr - note the NJ-style US 6 shield.

North onto I-495
I-495 Exit 1 to I-195
Exit 1 to MA 28
Exit 1 or 2 to US 6
MA 25 on Steve Anderson's
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