Massachusetts Roads - MA 24

MA 24

NB in Fall River on the continuation of the Rhode Island freeway, second photo courtesy Doug Kerr. Button copy Interstate shields (with the rest of the sign being reflective) was a fad MassHighway enjoyed into the 1990's, but wasn't always consistently applied (see the left BGS in the first photo, which looks around 10-15 years old).

Just after leaving the I-195 duplex is this metrically enlightened sign.

Original overpass (and clearly needs to be replaced), northbound.

This BEGIN sign is on the I-93 (and US 1) SB ramp, before the NB ramp even has a chance to merge.

Speaking of which, here's the NB view with button-copy shields. That was only used in the 1990s, which is after Massachusetts rerouted US 1 onto freeways through Boston, and yet there is no room on the sign for US 1. (Thanks to Chris Commans for clarifying.) That seems like an unfortunate oversight, and very inadequately compensated by adding standalone shields in the gore.

Into RI on 24
Exit 3 to I-195
Exit 18 to MA 27
Exit 21 to I-93
Exit 21 to US 1
Exit 21B to I-95
MA 24 on Steve Anderson's
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