Massachusetts Roads - MA 23, 23/41

MA 23 and 23/41

There are many more NJ 23 shields along this route than good ol' Massachusetts squares. I actually stopped taking photos of them, there were so many - and I only traveled the road eastbound. By now, almost all if not all of them have been replaced.

But hey, the westbound direction still has some!

Correct square, and older MA 41 shield, north- and east-bound along the duplex.

2008 photos westbound, showing the replaced shields. Apparently MassHighway tried to use as many existing signs as it had in stock, so every assembly is a mismatch and some shields like in the second photos really need to be re-retired.

This is more of an NH-style assembly, which means MA doesn't generally sign multiplexes on LGS's, which means they sometimes get it wrong and give a route too wide a shield. Usually the number is still centered, though - this looks like a 141 error that was corrected at the last second.

Looking west and east at this 1920's (well, it could be a tiny bit newer, but not much) state highway maintenance sign. It is located at the southwestern corner of the following bridge:

This bridge is every bit as old as the sign, just east of where MA 41 leaves the MA 23/US 7 multiplex. I almost typed NJ 23 again.

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