Massachusetts Roads - MA 228

Not all that old in the scheme of things.

This, this is much older. Obviously it's Main St. (MA 228) at Free St. and High St., at the south border of Hingham. It dates to when this was MA 128, which was later truncated to I-95 instead of following MA 3 here. This made more sense when 128 followed naught but surface streets around Boston, but it was silly for all the years 128 was freeway around Boston and then exited onto this two-lane town road. Perspectives look south and north, respectively.

Unbelievably, there's another one just a few blocks away at Main St. and Short St., where MA 228 turns. First photo is on MA 228 NB, second photo on Main St. SB.

Signs were made by the Lebanon Machine Co. Wonder if they ever got that patent?

I don't know whose attempt at an arrow-through-number paddle sign this is, but the sign and that person need to be put out of their misery. This is on MA 228 SB where it bends at a driveway, north of Atlantic Ave.

George Washington Blvd. NB at Nantasket Ave. in Hull. MA 228 ends just to the right, while on Nantasket, and that avenue then becomes a one-way pair (apparently with the same name for both directions).

Sign of similar age, Nantasket Ave. SB at Washington Blvd. If you don't get tricked by the sign and keep going straight, you'll be on MA 228.

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