Massachusetts Roads - MA 2 - Orange-US 3

, Orange to US 3

MA 2 is a Super-2 freeway in the vicinity of Orange. It widens into a four-lane bona fide freeway, only to mysteriously turn into a divided arterial (with, y'know, traffic lights and driveways) in Acton. Part of the subsequent Concord bypass is undivided four-lane, and then at I-95 the freeway suddenly picks back up again. Why it ends at US 3 in Cambridge is a matter discussed on other pages on my site - prowl around MA 2 and US 3 a bit more.

MA 2 eastbound, Orange to US 3
MA 2 westbound, US 3 to Orange

Signage from the MA 111/MA 2A/MA 2 rotary, starting at the entrance of WB MA 2 and going all the way around to the exit of EB MA 2. The routing of old Mass. Ave. is MA 2 here, but splits off to the east as MA 2A and to the west as MA 111. 2 is also known as the Union Turnpike.

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