Massachusetts Roads - MA 2

Above: WB shield courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Old MA 2: Mohawk Trail
MA 2 west of Orange (and the freeway)

~ US 7 and MA 2/US 7
~ MA 8 and MA 2/8
MA 2, Orange to US 3
MA 2/US 3/MA 16
MA 2/US 3: Memorial Drive, Fresh Pond Parkway
MA 2, BU Bridge
MA 2 in Boston

This doesn't quite go on the Old Mohawk Trail page, but it's very much the former Mohawk Trail. Courtesy Bill Schweikert, this trail is on the north side of MA 2 as it gets about halfway through Gill. You can make out the curve, and it's possibly banked.

West into New York on 2
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