Massachusetts Roads - MA 183

MA 183 SB just north of CT. MA 183 is a strange road, because after multiplexing with MA 57, it dies at MA 23. Turn from there onto US 7, though, and 183 then reappears. I have no idea why it's okay for 183 to follow 57 but not 23 or 7. I would cover the multiplexes on this page, but the route really is two separate entities with a single number. Also, believe it or not, I have no interesting photos on the 23 or 7 quasi-concurrencies.

The strange Sandisfield sign at the beginning of MA 183 NB is courtesy Doug Kerr and is now gone.

Hartsville-Mill River Road NB at MA 57/183.

Old NB and SB curve signs on the northern half of MA 183, in Stockbridge.

MA 183 NB comes to MA 7A and begins a short but fruitful multiplex, which I cover on the MA 7A page linked below. This is the Paterson-Egleston Monument, commemorating two Revolutionary War heroes. The Paterson side is on the 7A page.

MA 183 NB leaves MA 7A heading southeast. It's useful as a route, connecting to US 20, but ought not be signed "north" at this point when all traffic heading that way has exited town on MA 7A. It also ought not be signed with a Series F 8 stuck between two narrower digits (look closely), and it ought be signed with sufficient bolts at the "northern" end.

MA 7A and MA 183/7A

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