Massachusetts Roads - MA 181

All photos are northbound except one.

There's such a thing as too visible, especially for a minor road.

The only SB photo on this page.

Relics of infrastructure past in Bondsville. There was once a railroad across MA 181, and there was once an airport in Palmer. Metropolitan Airport opened in 1940, and this sign probably dates that far back. It closed for good in the mid-2000s, but had been closed to the public for years prior.

River St. EB at the same intersection. Modern roads are designed without large concrete blocks in the middle.

Across the Ware River on Depot St., where MA 181 turns west from Main St. (still in Bondsville).

MA 181 comes to an end, ceremonialized by a historic turnpike milepost for the east-west crossroad of MA 21.

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