Massachusetts Roads - MA 150

Above: Northbound near the NH border, made of wood, and weighs as much as a duck. Click for a closeup that also floats on water.

Entering town from MA 110, which intersects at such a shallow angle that while this side of the sign is for MA 150 NB, the other side is for MA 110 WB.

Embossed border, 1950's or early 1960's arrow sign, SB heading out of Amesbury.

Friend St. at School St., Amesbury, and then the next turn onto Sparhawk St., both on MA 150 SB. Woonsignage strikes again! MA 150 NB follows the original route, straight from Sparhawk onto Main St. (now one-way).

Friend St. (MA 150 SB) heading south from its Main St. (MA 150 NB) junction, and the NB side of the sign that used to have traffic approaching it.

Street sign bolted to the side of a building, from the same Main St. corner as Friend St.

A twirl about the north-center of Amesbury, where these three streets come together in a little rotary, from the south side counterclockwise to the west side. The signs clearly have a lot of history, and all are cast (as opposed to embossed, which is punching the sign metal in) with letters in relief, so I've separated them into pairs although they're mounted side by side. Some things were clearly added, like the 495 along Main St., but the sign for Routes 95-US 1-1A looks unaltered. I would therefore date these signs from the 1960s to early 1970s, but I'm sure there were much older signs in these brackets before then.

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