Massachusetts Roads - MA 147

MA 147 is most of old MA 57, which now follows a freeway to US 5 south of Springfield. However, there's a short piece of old 57 between the end of MA 147 and MA 187 that doesn't have any number at all, and would be a perfectly reasonable addition to this route.

Westbound at the end of MA 147, this sign very well could have been a reassurance for MA 57 through traffic at one point.

Eastbound, flanking the shield atop this page. The first sign could again be old enough to have faced MA 57, in which case that child is well grown up by now. The assembly in the second photo is much newer but at least wooden.

Just east of there, MA 147 crosses this old bridge.

Into and around the rotary over the old US 5, not MA 5, rotary. The blue sign should be green, and the wooden sign likely dates to MA 57 being here.

Memorial Bridge carries MA 147 EB from the US 5 rotary into Springfield. Click on the photo of the plaque, if you're having trouble reading it, for the enlarged text.

Looking north along the Connecticut River at the CSX railroad bridge to the north, with US 20 lurking far behind it.

The westward view from Columbus Ave. reveals concrete arches under the bridge. The date at the southwestern (rotary) end of the railing is 1992, but that must have been when the railing was redone, because this bridge is clearly not modern.

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