Massachusetts Roads - MA 145

A few old shields and signs on the route, but none older than the above. Click for closeup.

MA 145 makes a number of turns around Winthrop. NB turns east and then south on Pleasant St. to head down around the water before righting course. Stay on Main St. at the first sign and use Revere St. to cut off a good bit of the distance - or stay on Bennington St. if going to Beachmont - or stay on MA 1A if going anywhere else. 145 has absolutely no through purpose and probably has never been followed by a car for its entire length before mine.

Between some of those turns, MA 145 comes to this sign.

NB at Ocean Ave. in Beachmont, and the matching sign on Ocean Ave. SB. MA 145 NB just turned from northwest to nearly south, but quickly turns around to west again. It really makes no sense to have a route here.

NB up to the end of the route at MA 16.

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