Massachusetts Roads - MA 140

The first SB shield is also the only narrow one I spied.

SB MA 140 comes to a traffic light at US 6 and that's it. Note that US 6 is considered an "exit", even though it's a cross intersection where MA 140 ends and a surface road continues. MA 140 recently underwent reconstruction in the I-195 area, so all this signage came down except for the US 6 advances. What a shame.

Still SB, my favorite picture of all of these is the last one. In addition to that tiny little exit tab, there's the rare message "EXITS AHEAD", where a "KEEP" or "NEXT" "RIGHT" would normally be found.

NB signage for Exits 4 and 5, the only NB button copy still around thanks to the I-195 area reconstruction.

Southbound, this is Exit 5 - exits were not originally numbered, so some signs never got the tabs (most that did were replaced by the one-piece tabbed signs you saw above).

EB (first two photos) and WB (last two photos) on Phillips Road at Exit 5. Church St. begins immediately south of this interchange, as Phillips Rd. was cut off into a residential street to the southeast upon construction of the freeway.

SB, the A looks weird because this was originally just Exit 11 (the Silver City Galleria became 11B in the early 1990's). Brian Colby told me the history of this sign, and tells me that originally this sign's upper line read "County Rd". I was expecting many old signs to follow this, and instead was greeted by a drought, until the ones from Exit 5 on down.

This is northbound Exit 12B, and yes, it's a sharp left. In fact, Exit 12 happens at a traffic light. Since there are no numbered exits north of here, I don't know why this one is numbered - nor do I know why this isn't redone to eliminate the signals, since traffic frequently backs up the ramp (as a sign on MA 24 warns).

South of 24, MA 140 was the New Bedford Expressway, a short freeway to the eponymous town. North of MA 24, MA 140 becomes a long, winding surface road. The rest of the signs are from that.

SB mistake, compounded by getting it right on the top sign.

NB (see the sign in the distance?) and SB at the same intersection.

Everything's bad in Franklin. Not one of these signs is correct except the arrows underneath the shields.

Looking better in Bellingham, also SB.

Old signs preserved south of Milford and the MA 140-MA 16 junction.

CT-style shields, so of course it's on Hartford Ave., WB leaving Bellingham.

SB up to Plain St., Hopedale.

Hopedale. 90-year-old printing errors are funny, especially when the sign has it spelled correctly just above. This is NB.

NB near Upton.

Zone. No Passing Zone. It's right there in the manual.

MA 140 SB at MA 9 WB, which is the right bear. The left bear, who wants more porridge, isn't a multiplex - in other states, it would be "SOUTH 140 TO EAST 9".

SB leaving MA 12. The curve sign is wooden and missing most of its paint.

SB approaching MA 12. The gap between is filled on the MA 12 page, linked below. That's a nice old crossing of the Wachusett Reservoir.

SB, and in dire need of refurbishment.

MA 140 meets MA 2A, former MA 2, and hey, right there is a ramp onto modern 2. This old curve sign persists on the 2 EB onramp from the 140/2A intersection.

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