Massachusetts Roads - MA 138/US 6

and MA 138/US 6

Photos progress southward.

Starting off SB.

They got those other shields up there just fine on this NB sign, even the trademark button-copy I-93, so why skimp on the 95?

Collection of SB signage.

The Raynham milk bottle, doubling as a restaurant.

Skipping Taunton (see the US 44 page, linked at bottom). Did I accidentally skip into Connectict?

Future US 6 crosses MA 138 just west of Fall River. A new, higher-capacity bridge is being constructed, with a new MA 79 interchange on the Fall River side.

Looking eastward from MA 138.

Edging toward completion in January 2010, still a year and a half away. The overpass and ramp signals are in, the WB ramp is taking shape, and the walls and abutments have been set.

Another eastward view across the river, and looking west at the future (now current) EB onramp.

MA 138 uses US 6 to cross into Fall River, and now uses the new bridge in much the same way. It's no surprise that this page has multiple contractor errors on LGS's turning US shields into MA shields. It's also no surprise to find a shield assembly in Massachusetts that doesn't give you enough information. Left or right?

MA 138 NB/US 6 WB at, well, themselves. US 6 joins the frontage road for MA 79, Davol St., to jog over from President Ave., and in the process steals 138 from MA 79 to cross the Brightman St. Bridge (to the left here). The version of the second sign I have on my MA 79 page still has a 138 shield attached. There are two shields missing from the last photo, 79 on the left and 138 on the right. Where are they all going?

MA 138 SB/US 6 EB across the bridge. No shield incorrectness, just general sign oldishness. The second sign technically isn't for MA 138/US 6 traffic at all, but is for MA 79 SB.

Looking north at future MA 138/US 6 from the old bridge.

Skipping across MA 79 (see duplex photos via the big link below) and continuing to Columbia St. WB with a monument to Santos L. Halper (I assume).

NB button copy where the concurrency begins (i.e., MA 138 turns right as well).

Just before the RI border. Octagons mean stop.

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