Massachusetts Roads - MA 13

MA 13

NB across MA 2, which was built here way back in 1949.

Into Townsend and up to Meadow Rd. I had reason to stop here for a bit.

No, it wasn't these SB signs near the United Methodist Church, though they're nice and old. The hospital sign is a lovely shade of blueish-greenish-brown that I might have to call "gacklies." Sadly, none of you loyal readers would understand why.

I'm gonna make you wait for a bit. Enjoy Townsend Common and some of the houses around it.

Have another church, too. Townsend Congregational.

Still with me? Almost there now.

Okay, you can breathe out now. Here's a 50-plus year old small wooden shield facing SB at Meadow Rd. This whole time, I've never left downtown Townsend. I can't quite save the best for last, but I made it this far. To reward your patience, have a closeup by clicking.

I gave you the best closeup I could of this stone leaving Townsend, but I got nothing.

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