Massachusetts Roads - MA 129

All photos are EB except with MA 3A.

Seemingly every road intersecting the US 3 freeway has a cutout shield, and they're all wrong.

WB, sharing MA 3A NB over the Concord River.

MA 129 briefly hops onto US 1 NB and steals the show. The East 129 reassurance is just after the merge, but there's no US 1 assembly for far too long a distance afterwards, enough to make you wonder whether you accidentally took the wrong fork without noticing.

So that whole staying on US 1 to get to I-95 thing? Totally unnecessary. Well, sure, I mean, it's faster, and easier, but this is another access point to the same interchange at the Salem St. circle.

Into Wakefield and up to the dangerous Common St.

MA 129 leaves MA 1A NB at another dangerous intersection (yikes, what a road!) and heads to the ocean, with a war monument at Humphrey St. in Swampscott.

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