Massachusetts Roads - MA 127A

MA 127A

EB at Main St. in Gloucester, and the only place that 127A is signed as "Alt."

Sayward St. NB, the one-way counterpart to Main St., pointing west along MA 127A to where MA 128 begins (opposite Main St., actually). At the same time, the Keep Right sign below is applicable to MA 127A EB traffic continuing straight, due to the angle of the intersection. Two signs meant for different roads should NOT be posted to face the same direction, especially when one tells you to do something the other says you can't.

Good Harbor Beach.

Definitely not one of the original tercentennial signs. It's the same shape, roughly, but completely flat. Whoever painted the new one forgot all the commas, except for one inexplicable and unnecessary one near the end. It is a felony to paint the name of the Tercentenary Commission at the end of this abomination.

A miniature lighthouse greets you in Rockport where MA 127A turns left to meet its maker (MA 127).

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