Massachusetts Roads - MA 127

EB into Gloucester in winter. The Fisherman's Memorial looks out over Gloucester Harbor.

Both of these signs could be either state- or town-issue, at the beginning of MA 127A (to the right, to Rocky Neck, Eastern Pt., Brier Neck). MA 127 heads left to Route 128 and Rockport.

Old and precise, WB at MA 128.

EB old signs leaving Gloucester. If you like old New England fonts, head out to Cape Ann.

WB leaving Rockport. If you like old New England curve signs...

Sandy Bay in Rockport.

By Annisquam, MA 127 has looped around from Cape Ann, so direction is irrelevant. This will become MA 127 WB, but it's heading east here and predominantly north in this area. You'll find it where MA 127 briefly leaves Washington St., probably because the area is too residential for a through highway.

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