Massachusetts Roads - MA 119

Old WB signs nearing New Hampshire, and one old bridge looking south along MA 31 from MA 119 WB where they separate over Willard Brook. The First Aid sign is enamel.

Next group of WB photos. The arrow is unnecessary, but should be below the shield if used at all. The school is the Spaulding Memorial in Townsend.

Sure we're legit.

More WB old font.

EB for the first time on this page, up to Canal St. in West Townsend. Guess what, New Hampshire has its own shield design. Maybe MassHighway should consider inquiring about borrowing it. Or pull a Vermont and just put little NH's inside each rectangle and pass them off as the other state's shield.

The speed limit dips at MA 13, but stays higher at MA 113. It needs to be lower at MA 111 because you can't read the signs at high speed when they're all bunched together. Photos are EB.

Downtown Groton. 35 miles from Bofton. I type good Englifh.

WB Mass. D.P.W. signs with MA 225. You can directly compare the differences when Massachusetts converted from its old standard to that of the FHWA. The angle and radius of the curve decreased, stem thickness increased, and the arrowhead became rounder.

Just west of the MA 2A concurrency. MA 119 ends at MA 2 without ever tasting freedom again, so it should really just end at 2A and MA 110.

MA 2A and MA 119/2A

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