Massachusetts Roads - MA 114

MA 114

EB on Merrimack St. (114) at Parker St. just after MA 114 begins at MA 28.

This ancient sign, probably from the 1920's, was found just west of I-495. It was one of the only cut-corner signs left in the 2000s, and perhaps the last black-on-white version of such, although a few even older rectangular white guide signs survive in isolated locations. The MASS. DEPT. OF PUBLIC WORKS is embossed on the sign anchor and the state seal of Massachusetts is engraved in the signpost.

Guess what, I could probably read this assembly more easily if all the signs were designed and arranged properly. Were bolts in short supply?

The MA 114 WB ramp to MA 107 in Salem. Sure, there's an old sign, but the intrigue is the SOUTH 107 shield in the background. Until recently, one could turn right or left from this ramp, but out of safety concerns one must now proceed northbound (really to the east) and U-turn at the Washington St. roundabout.

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