Massachusetts Roads - MA 113/3A

, MA 113/3A

Despite the WB shield above, all photos below are EB except one.

How not to make a shield: too narrow or wrong state.

How not to make a shield: cut out without a border.

How to make a bridge: rehabilitate it rather than demolish it. This is the Merrimack River crossing (Tyngsborough Bridge) of MA 113/3A getting a fresh coat of paint and some new steel.

Two longing, loving looks westward as I depart the bridge.

How not to make an assembly: with the signs in the wrong order and an unnecessary arrow oriented the wrong way.

Continuing into the "Pawtucketville" section of Lowell. How not to spell Mammoth: Mammouth. "Rte" is also unnecessary.

The beauty of Dracut, including an old mill on Beaver Brook.

MA 113 turns left at Christ Church United, but Mass. forgot the "turns left" part. Better late than never.

Curiously, the speed zone ends right at a traffic light, where MA 113 joins MA 110. They rotary under I-93 and then split at the next signal - although they'll rejoin later on the other side of Methuen and Lawrence (each route serves one of the two).

EB at MA 213 Exit 4, where it looks as though the I-495 shield has been replaced, while the I-93 shield might be original.

The one WB photo among all of these, approaching MA 97 and the Merrimack River crossing into Haverhill. Photos are on the MA 97 page, linked below.

Leaving the I-95 interchange. With a closeup like this, I must have gotten out of the car, so there must be something to see there.

Here's what there is to see. What, doesn't look like anything? It's the former exit ramp terminal from I-95 NB - but the former I-95. For whatever reason, MA built a new SB roadway and shifted NB over instead of just widening the two roads it already had. More photos are linked below.

The tercentennial reappears in Newburyport, at Jefferson St. and after Rawson Ave.

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