Massachusetts Roads - MA 112

This 1938 bridge over West Branch Westfield River, just north of US 20 on MA 112 in Huntington, was constructed from the Emergency Relief Authorization Act of 1931. How do I know this? Click on either photo for a closeup of the bridge plaque.

Looking south at the bridge under construction from Basket St., the road to the east end of Skyline Trail.

SB in Shelburne Falls, MA 112 turns left three times in a reverse jughandle to get up to MA 2 WB and cross the Deerfield River.

North River Rd. actually crosses North River, north of Shelburne Falls and recently repainted.

The North River bridge at Adamsville Rd. has not been repainted. The old shield is much better than the new one at Call Rd. I'm progressing northward through a series of SB photos.

Further north, MA 112 (still SB) tries its hand at crossing the North River. This bridge was two-way until the guiderails went in, but they're not going to do much good because if you hit the sides, chances are the whole bridge is going in the water with you.

SB entering the state from Vermont. In order. First you get warned about the police. Then anyone from Québec who may have become hopelessly lost in the backwoods is welcomed, as if it does him any good. Then you get a second-rate afterthought of a welcome sign. Boy, Massachusetts sure loves to have you on MA 112.

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