Massachusetts Roads - MA 107

For some reason, Western Ave. in Lynn (MA 107, of course) has yellow speed limit signs with a quasi-old-DPW font.

This old sign faces Washington St. NB at MA 107. As you can see, MA 114 was once north-south between Lawrence and Marblehead - it's really a candidate for northwest-southeast designation, la historical Ohio routes. MA 114 also no longer stays on Washington to 107, now cutting over sooner to North St. Chris Commans says that the north-south switch happened well before the sign was made, and that the patch was probably done to save the cost of a new sign. (Given that it's just a hunk of wood, it may not have been so bad to replace.)

Old crossbucks SB at the ramp from MA 114 SB. No railroad spur crosses the road anymore, so there's no reason to clear the snow off of the sign. It would have been nice if someone had, though.

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