Massachusetts Roads - MA 106

Wide WB shield.

Wrong EB shields, at US 1.

EB at MA 138, where the interesting signs are the ones without shields. The dog track sign likely is 40 years old or more, given its color.

All in the area of MA 28, whose intersection gets the tiny advance arrows and a monument in the middle. You know, if there were just one arrow on each side of that sign, I bet they could be larger and more visible.

EB and WB, respectively; the latter appears to be in poorer condition. Elongated glass reflectors are a relic of approximately the 1940's; cats-eyes were probably used just before, and non-reflectorized arrow signs after.

Another ancient sign. Obviously, this would be a yellow + nowadays, but all warning signs were red back then, along the same lines that made STOP a red sign. It almost looks like this could be titled "DANGER + RED CROSS," if one wanted to make a political statement.

Wide WB shield. Reused caption.

Just after MA 106 WB begins at MA 3A, motorists are faced with a quick decision at the beginning of another route.

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