Massachusetts Roads - MA 105

Connecticut-style borders.

Ah, Mass. D.P.W. TEMPORARY 6 was a construct of the 1970's, when US 6 was routed over MA 105 to I-195 to get around bridge reconstruction. Amazingly, this shield remains on 105 SB at US 6, but not the "END" and/or right arrow that one would expect here. Keep the snazzy shield says I, but tack up a JCT plate.

Next enjoy a 1950's (plus or minus a decade) wooden shield, photographed in 1982 by Michael Summa. Wasn't there when I drove the route nearly 25 years later.

Older 105 shield.

Without the old sign, you wouldn't know where this even older bridge is, but now it can be pinpointed to the one and only Wading Place in Middleborough along the Nemasket River. The sign went up only 4 years after the bridge, and hopefully both stay up for a long time to come.

And then there are white signs from the 1930's that have been repainted and re-repainted. The original numerals and arrow show up as reddish-black smudges (the arrows was once much longer), while the repainted sign shows up in white now, right underneath the third iteration in black. This predates any type of standardization in small signs (the first was cut-corner black-on-white paddle signs). NB at Walnut St., and again, if you're the one taking this down, please give it to me. (Sadly, it disappeared and I was never consulted.)

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