MA/NY Roads - MA 102/NY 980D/I-90 stub

MA 102 and NY 980D
Former end of Mass. Pike

MA 102 ends about a hundred feet from NY 22, so it needs a reference route to take it there across the New York Thruway Berkshire Extension (I-90). Meanwhile, just inside the border is where Massachusetts decided to end the Mass. Pike originally, and they never picked up the pieces. We start in New York:

These eastbound signs are all photographed from New York, although the ones in the second photo lie just beyond the old and rare milemarker from the third photo (as you can see, since I left it in the first two photos), and are thus in Massachusetts.

This concrete post was the original way of marking the state line well before there were any traces of Mass. Pike. The fence just behind the concrete post separates me from the stub end of the Pike - it's that close.

New York's old and handpainted way of telling striping contractors where to begin the double yellow, in this case at the state line. The sign above this and facing the other way is the old and rare milemarker from above.

Facing south; I would imagine each side of this stub was two lanes with some sort of median (perhaps curbed, and they tore it up for ease of maneuvering around what's now a parking lot). In the background, after the stubs end, is the Mass. Pike. WB running left to right.

Standing at the northwestern fence post (by all the state line photos), and slowly turning from east to south. In the background of the third photo is the Massachusetts Welcomes You! BBS.

One more perspective, a closeup on the Jersey barriers stored at the far end.

The LGS substitutes for a shield assembly is at West Main St. in Stockbridge, and the older curve sign is at Yale Ct. in the same town. All are WB.

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