Massachusetts Roads - I-93/MA 3/US 1 - Southeast Expwy.

Southeast (JFK) Expwy.

Columbia Road WB/NB at I-93, just north of the end of Morrissey Blvd.

From the rotary above Exit 8 (Furnace Brook Pkwy.), with patched numbers since the old ones got scratched away, and one NJ 3 shield.

Much of the commentary in the SB section relates to the NB section as well. Keep reading.

Imagine my surprise to be driving at freeway speed and see this guy chilling out in the back of a truck going that same speed. Imagine my further surprise to see that the truck has a police plate! If anyone recognizes the truck that goes with 151A and/or the man on back, do not hesitate to bring this page to the proper Boston or Massachusetts authorities.


Didn't know you could get heah from theah - even though there's very little elevated roadway, this calls itself a Skyway, although the real Skyway is in NJ and NJ only. NB approaching Boston, with about 1.5 miles before the tunnels. This is technically the beginning of the Central Artery, since I-95 was to have come in around Exit 16-18 (Melnea Cass Blvd.).

On the SB service road south of Boston, this cutout US 1 shield was erroneously erected - in 3dus width, no less.

Exit 15 leads to Morrissey Boulevard, a six-lane surface street paralleling I-93 that is what actually goes to JFK Library, as well as U-Mass Boston. The last photo is where the SB frontage road for I-93 south of the new tunnels ends, splitting into Exit 16 and a return ramp that's only a couple hundred feet from Exit 15.

Confucius say: Lone windmill generate little power.

The southern end of Morrissey Boulevard corresponds to the northern end of MA 3A and the eastern end of MA 203, all at this interchange (203 is a bit fudgy, but close). (Mmm, fudge.) NEXT EXIT signage is common in Massachusetts, where all exits are sequentially numbered, so that when one of the older freeways has a partial exit, the uninvolved side skips the number.

Plenty of button copy on the Southeast Expressway, up until I-93 splits from it and heads down former MA 128, the Circumferential Highway, to meet I-95. Is it really an exit if the "through" route has fewer lanes (and if the exit continues the named highway...)?

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Exit 11 to Granite Ave.
Exit 11 to MA 203
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Exits 12-15 to Morrissey Boulevard
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