Massachusetts Roads - I-91


Everything is old here at the cramped US 5/I-91 interchange for the South End Bridge. This faces southward; US 5 comes in from the bridge to the west (right) and continues south (straight) alongside I-91 before departing after a quick weave. Needless to say, this section of freeway is very old and very substandard.

NB button copy shields, courtesy Doug Kerr, and SB old font shields (cut-corner 2, looping 9). The SB sign is really on the I-391 SB ramp merging into I-91 SB, but there is a duplicate sign on I-91 itself.

Another button copy Doug Kerr sign, and a Matt Kleiman sign from the brief MA 2 multiplex near Greenfield. Both are northbound.

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Exit 8 to US 20
Exit 8 to I-90
Follow Exit 27 to MA 2
I-91 on Dan Vincent's Valley Roads
I-91 on Steve Anderson's
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