Massachusetts Roads - I-495

NB, courtesy Doug Kerr, and similar age to the nearby signs at the end of I-195 as well as many on MA 2 and I-195.

Courtesy Doug Kerr, NB examples of button-copy shield numbering on otherwise fully reflectorized signs.

Definitely an original sign, School St. at Hopkinton Rd. and Westboro Rd. Maybe if I don't give away the town, no one will take this away.

Getting closer to these old signs, which appear to be from the 1960's. It's odd that the green sign isn't a traditional Massachusetts paddle sign, especially one with cut corners that typifies the 1960's. Click for all you can stand of an I-495 shield closeup.

The beginning of I-290 from I-495 SB.

Between exits 43 and 44, I-495 crosses the O'Reilly Bridge over the Merrimack River, but because it's a short bridge, the exits are fairly close together. Thus the freeway uses collector-distributor roads - getting on or off either exit requires you use them. However, rather than stick them on the sides of the original I-495 bridge, these have ended up on the bottom, the only case I know of where this happens. Pictures taken on the SB roadway.

And then RIDOT comes north and screws it all up by subliminally tricking a contractor into leaving this SB C-D road shield on a square blank.

Good luck finding a Massachusetts state-name shield in the wild. Mine may not be in the best condition, but there's no disputing its authenticity.

Onto the Lowell Connector, former I-495 Business

South onto MA 25
Exit 5 to MA 18
Exit 5 to US 44
Exit 13 to I-95
Exit 22 to I-90
Exit 25A to MA 85
Exit 25B to I-290
Exit 35 to US 3
Exit 40 to I-93
I-495 on Steve Anderson's
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