Massachusetts Roads - I-195

Click for closeup.

Not only did the old EB Welcome sign stay up, but the similarly old services sign with the centered exit tab is still there.

WB nearing RI, then off the Exit 3 ramp.

The Charles Braga Bridge over the Taunton River, including a button copy sign (there's one each way but I didn't get the EB one).

The Braga Bridge seen from Battleship Cove in Fall River.

Click to drive eastbound across the bridge.

A far-scale view from the north, with a battleship in the foreground.

All remaining photos were taken heading eastbound.

On the exit that leads to Battleship Cove, as old as many signs on MA 79 but unlike any left on I-195.

Where the button-copy begins. This is some of the oldest signage left in Massachusetts, and was being replaced in February/March 2004 (as you can clearly see in this photo). Half of it is gone, but luckily I got a few photos of what's left. Exit tabs are centered, and shields are cracked, yellowing, and lacking borders.

The last photo is not in keeping with these button-copy signs, but it comes between the previous and the next set. Exit 20 signage was completely replaced as of March 2004.

As the re-signing of I-195 continues, this historical comparison shows the tragedy that is occurring. The first BGS is gone, and the second two photos taken in the same place shows that another has been canned. The photos not in the middle are courtesy Doug Kerr.

The eastern end of I-195 RI-MA; the tacked-on I-495 NORTH very well might have long ago replaced WEST MA 25, since the southernmost part of I-495 was briefly part of 25 until the Interstate numbering kicked in. (Insert scathing rant as to why I-495 and I-195 shouldn't end at each other, and how I-495 should be extended as far as possible down MA 25.)

Into RI on I-195
(Exit 3) to MA 118
Exit 4 to MA 103
(Exit 5) to MA 138
(Exit 5) to MA 79
Exit 13 to MA 140
Exit 15 to MA 18
Exit 21 to MA 28
Exit 22A to MA 25
Exit 22B to I-495
I-195 on Steve Anderson's
The Braga Bridge on
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