Massachusetts Roads - I-190


Older overhead signage (note the center exit tab for Exit 6), taken from MA 2 EB as I-190 begins.

The wide shoulder is on I-190 about two miles north of its southern terminus at I-290. It's there to help with drainage in what must be an environmentally sensitive area - but if you're stuck in traffic, it looks like a tantalizing opportunity to add more lanes. That won't happen for some time.

BGS's on I-190 SB approaching I-290 (note the button copy in the Interstate shields, standard practice in MA for a couple dozen years until now). The first picture, courtesy Matt Kleiman, has a high enough resolution to show markings on the BGS, indicating the size is 18.5' x 11.5'.

Non-reflective button copy is as old as it comes, here on the I-190 ramp to I-290 EB. The shields may not be first-generation, given that they're still reflective. It has to date to the construction of the I-190/I-290 interchange.

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