Massachusetts Roads - Haverhill


MA-standard 1920's glass reflector arrow sign, MA 108 SB.

Groveland St. WB at Broadway. Groveland functions as a shortcut for MA 97/113, but only if you're willing to break speed limits.

The best part of Groveland, however, is eastbound. This sign has been in faithful service for at least 70 years, and all but three reflectors are still reporting for duty. Click for closeup.

The former Country Bridge Road, heads east from Middle Road just south of I-495 to what I presume was the Country Bridge. If not for the decreipt cable rail, you'd never know this was a street.

There's a bit of railing on the north side of the bridge, which is otherwise so overgrown you don't even realize you're crossing a creek.

Heading back west across the bridge.

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