Massachusetts Roads - Hampshire Co.

Hampshire County

Too much font for the square.

Amherst Rd. at Enfield Rd. by the United Church of Pelham. This sign has long ago ceased being remotely useful no matter how hard one stares at it.

Church St. NB at and past Pleasant St. to the United Church of Ware. Yes, related.

Sign also narrows, as diamond shapes are wont to do. Williamsburg didn't plan ahead on South St. SB.

Speaking of diamond signs, this one really needs some attention. This nice arch is on, of all things, Arch St., looking south from Florence St. in Leeds (Northampton).

Speaking of 9, this bridge is on North St. in Williamsburg heading south from Main St. to MA 9, and the sign is on Main St. facing west from there.

Start on Central St. between MA 116 and MA 9/112 with a town-erected sign, then continue south across 9/112 to Fairgrounds Road with an old one that I still think is town-erected, and finally finish on Cummington Road with one that's much newer and definitely town-erected. This trip was brought to you by Doug Kerr.

Two town line signs leaving Franklin County, first North St. courtesy Doug Kerr and then Ashfield Rd.

The Hamptons (North, South, East, West)
Main Street, Leeds
South Main Street, Haydenville (Williamsburg)
Quabbin Reservoir
Skyline Trail
US 5
US 20
US 202
MA 9
MA 21
MA 32
MA 33
MA 47
MA 112
MA 116
MA 141
MA 143
MA 181
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