Massachusetts Roads - Hampden Co.

Hampden County

The old font survived at least until 1980 on this old wooden route shield, courtesy Michael Summa. If the tire wholesalers were boarded up then, it'll be pretty much impossible to place this photo now.

MA 83 WB at St. Joseph Drive and Meadowbrook Rd. in East Longmeadow.

Now EB, at Kibbe Rd./Lee St.


Park St. WB in West Springfield after US 20 leaves.

Just after crossing under the Mass. Pike, East Mountain Rd. heads south under this railroad in Westfield.

While on the topic of railroad bridges, this is on Main St. NB in Springfield heading toward US 20.

Town line sign on Monson Rd. Notice the backward N in Monson.

Well heck, if the paint has faded, why not use stickers? Readsboro Rd. crossing the Vermont line from Tunnel St., courtesy Doug Kerr, with a milemarker from the state's internal system (VT 105 would be 1050; branches from VT 10 would start 010, but this isn't one of them).

The best sign on the page has the saddest story. This was on Mill St. SB at Silver St. in Westfield, but no longer.

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