Massachusetts Roads - Gilmore Bridge

If you're on the Gilmore Bridge, either you weren't paying attention following MA 3, or you're a Boston area native and know that if you follow Memorial Drive into Land Blvd., you'll get to MA 99 via this bridge, and can then get to US 1 or I-93, depending on which way you turn. Well, you're in for a treat, because MassHighway itself seems to have forgotten this bridge, leaving some interesting signage on it and on MA 99 around it. Oh, and if you want some cool views of the north end of Big Dig work, it's great for that as well. Go to the I-93 page to see some pics taken from the Gilmore Bridge.

Old BGS's on the WB Gilmore Bridge, which acts as an extension of Land Boulevard to MA 99. Storrow and Memorial Drives are both incorrect (try Embankment Drive and Land Blvd.), but at least MassHighway signs MA 28 adequately.

The snow-covered railyard to the north of the bridge. Industry meets natural poetry.

Old EB BGS still showing the outline of its I-95 shield. Yes, I-95, that other number that's on Route 128. For what happened to I-95, visit I-95 its page, or the MA 99 page, or the I-93 page. I may have talked about it elsewhere, if you're feeling lucky. Point is, once I-95 was taken away and the road became US 1 (which had followed various surface routes to that point), these shields had to be removed, leaving scars that date the signs to the 1970's or 1960's. MA 99 is only signed to the north because it begins here.

An old surface LGS facing EB traffic at MA 99, dated July 1973 (same date as other signs at that intersection). This photo has NOT been touched up - this is an example of sign rot, where the green is peeling off the sign. The brown sign is immediately below the green one. It once said USS Constitution, but that's faded, and with a flash camera you can see that FIRE DEPT. is stamped across it for whatever reason. In natural light, though, you can really see nothing at all.

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