Massachusetts Roads - Franklin Co.

Franklin County

The border stone, courtesy Doug Kerr, is where MA 142 becomes VT 142.

Haydenville Rd. in Whately, EB at Westbrook and Masterson Roads and WB from its eastern end at Chestnut Plain Rd.

Heading north into Deerfield, I end up on Whately Rd. Whoever used a school crossing blank for this sign was Slow.

Even older street signs can be found on Stillwater Rd. (EB) in Deerfield and Brattleboro Rd. (NB) in Leyden. Upper Road was once West Deerfield, and Frizzell Hill Rd. was once Zimmerman Hill.

Buckland Road, and then heading west to North St. where the signs have obviously been repainted, both courtesy Doug Kerr.

Also from Doug, River Rd. is caught cheating.

Gill Center Rd. SB leaves Northfield and becomes Main Rd. But which is which? The darker, newer letters are correct - Gill on the left (south), Northfield on the right. Wouldn't it have made more sense to turn the sign around before repainting?

On the lighter side of repainting, interesting historical notes sometimes appear. This sign on North St. at Whately Rd. was repainted from "So. Deerfield" to just regular Deerfield. Since South Deerfield isn't a town, only a part of Deerfield, and since it's confined to the east side of US 5 and I'm west of it, the repainting makes sense. The area known as South Deerfield may have once been larger, though.

Weatherhead Hollow Rd. SB from Guilford, VT (the state is on the sign, but rusted over) into Leyden, becoming Brattleboro Rd.

In the order I encountered them, two photos each from Hawley Rd., Watson Rd., South Ashfield Rd., and regular Ashield Rd., on down to entering Hampshire County in the last photo.

Zoar Rd. west at Rowe Rd. in Charlemont gets the bottom sign. Rowe Rd. EB and SB from the Hoosac tunnel area get the two sides of the top sign, respectively.

And now for something slightly different, Fairview St. NB at Newton St. in Greenfield.

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