Massachusetts Roads - Essex Co.

Essex County

Osgood St. EB and WB in Methuen at the Spickett (sometimes Spicket) River. If I heard a siren in this industrial area, I'd do a lot more than stop. Depends on the siren and the amount of fire.

It's a good idea to keep numerals visible, so it's a bad idea to paint them on.

Rabbit Rd. NB at MA 286 and 286 EB just shy of the New Hampshire border, helpfully marked by Massachusetts on a standard town entry sign. The black square DEAD END is squarely in Mass., even if 90% of the dead-end road is in NH.

Main St. NB in Ipswich.

Merrimac St. EB in Newburyport. Look left when you're east of US 1.

Chain Bridge, Newburyport
Topsfield Rd., Ipswich and Ipswich Rd., Topsfield
US 1
MA 28
MA 35
MA 62
MA 97
MA 107
MA 110
MA 113
MA 114
MA 125
MA 127
MA 127A
MA 128
MA 129
MA 129A
MA 133
MA 150
MA 213
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