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Brookline is a haven for old, embossed signs. Kudos to them for not keeping up with replacement - the old signs are perfectly serviceable and informative, and seem to be repainted on occasion, so why waste money just to conform to new standards?

Embossed street signs near the BU Bridge rotary (MA 2 and US 20).

Who says Brookline is a safe place? Danger abounds here on the private way just down Carlton Street from the rotary. Now, why would a public entity (Brookline Traffic Reg., according to one sign) sign a private thoroughfare? Legal issues - if you get hurt on a poorly maintained private road and think it's public, trouble's a-brewin'.

On Commonwealth Avenue (US 20), which forms the Brookline boundary for a little while west of the BU bridge.

See how the signs attach as one piece to the poles - don't know of anywhere else that takes the care to do welding on street signs. Also note that Brookline made two-color embossed signs (half red, half black), also unique, and they've tacked on a reflective plate as laws have changed.

Old one-way signs still dot Brookline, some of the oldest still around. The words are embossed on the arrow is embossed on the background.

I guess people have been taking corners too fast - Brookline cares about its pedestrians:

Probably yellow is more visible.

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