Massachusetts Roads - Boston


East and west views from the Longfellow Bridge. The first photo shows off the Bunker Hill Bridge on I-93, and the second shows City Hall (the golden dome).

And no Boston skyline is complete without the Hancock and Prudential towers - and the CITGO sign!!

Holy ganders, there's life on the Charles!

A different sort of... aquatic?... life.

Normally, SCHOOL is on a separate banner, or not there at all. What you might notice is that this sign is also on a black square. I've seen them on diamonds before, but never squares.

Mass DPW's old font shows up on Beacon St. WB in the Chestnut Hill area, which makes sense because MA 30 used to jog down Chestnut Hill Ave. to Beacon St. and ride that into Kenmore Square (as in, because this was once a state highway, it makes sense to have a state-spec sign). The graphical sign, newer but still old, is on Hyde Park Ave. SB approaching Glenwood Ave.

Old embossed square signage in Charlestown, downtown, and Back Bay respectively. Most has been replaced by newer flat signage, but not all, including one at Hamilton Coolidge Square. Boston loves its squares (aka intersections).

Public Alleys in Boston are on the half-block between E-W streets in Back Bay's rectangular grid; they are mostly used for parking and sanitation. These are off of Massachusetts Avenue or "Mass Ave," MA 2A.

Admiral Farragut stands in the median of Broadway at Pleasure Bay and Boston Harbor, facing west from waterfront Day Blvd.

This shield is still on Beacon Street just east of the Fenway. Until the 1970's, Boston had city routes that formed one-way pairs down Beacon and Marlborough, all of which are numbered after parent routes in the city. A long time ago, US 20 followed a two-way Beacon Street. Later on, Beacon became MA 9A and MA 20A starting at Chestnut Hill Ave. Click for a closeup, taken almost 10 years after I first saw the sign and around 50 years after it was erected.

In Allston off of Storrow Drive near Cambridge Street, this building manages to defy gravity for quite a long stretch. Maybe an MIT civil engineer designed it?

A stub of the Green Line, once elevated after Haymarket Station, but now submerged into North Station as downtown continues to emerge from the shadows of its green monsters. This disappeared once the Charles River Dam viaduct was tied into the new underground section. I think the yellow beams were temporary and were used to support the Green Line while it was still operating along this stretch through construction activities.

Columbia Rd. NB under the MBTA Fairmount Line in Dorchester, then looking across westward.

Button copy high above the I-93 Big Dig tunnels for South Station. Until I go up there to pretend to park, I won't get a better view.

EB and WB respectively on Cambridge St. The non-cutout EB shield beats the disproportionate WB shield.

Heading into East Boston now (still part of the City of Boston), the street signs retain their pictorial history of Boston (CONDITA 1630).

I'll leave you with one more old sign, American Legion Hwy. SB at Cummins Hwy. Arguably, neither is a highway.

This once ran as a Conrail train line, but has long fallen into disuse. It's planned to be part of the Urban Ring network of buses (Bus Rapid Transit, which has segregated busways and fewer stops than regular buses), as well as the Chelsea Truck Bypass, which will take trucks from the airport-related industries in Chelsea directly to Logan Airport without having to go through the residential East Boston neighborhood around Day Square.

This is where the Battle of Bunker Hill wasn't fought. Yup, Bunker Hill, well north of Boston and barely within East Boston along MA 1A. Hey, what's that atop the hill? A giant light-up cross? In this case, church + history = commercialization, sadly.

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Below: If you don't know where this is, come and visit the city! Notice the crescent moon in the second photo.